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Young Democrats are working hard across the state to be a solid voice for our generation. We have members helping in issue advocacy efforts, state, local and federal elections as well as community organizing to build an infrastructure to sustain the youth movement. But none of this is possible without the help of donors who stand beside the work we do.

Will you support the Alabama Young Democrats as a monthly patron?

Your contribution of $5 or $10 per month will give us the resources we need to train our membership to be effective political organizers and strategists who will work to defeat the Republican supermajority and reclaim Alabama for the people of this state.

If you can’t become a monthly donor, you can give a one-time donation that will go towards projects across the state. To make a contribution, you can mail a check made payable to the Alabama Young Democrats to PO Box 1512, Birmingham, 35201 with "AYD General Fund" in the memo line or click the button below to donate securly via WePay.