Start a Chapter


Starting a chapter of the Alabama Young Democrats is a great way to begin organizing for Democratic values and candidates in your community. If you believe we can do better for our state than our current leadership, this is your opportunity to get involved and make a change!.

  1. Get in touch with us at AYD and let us know you’re interested!
    Reach out to Beau Bowden, the chair of the Membership and Development committee for help with the chapter-building process.
  2. Find others in the area who are ready for change!
    We may already have contact information for people in your community who are eager to get started, or you can get in touch with friends, neighbors or local Democratic organizations for potential new members of AYD. We can help you make these connections if you aren’t sure how to reach out.
  3. Get together and set your goals and direction.
    Your new chapter will have to make some decisions about what you want to do and how you want to accomplish those goals. AYD can help facilitate these conversations, or you can do it on your own as a group.
  4. Adopt a Constitution and hold elections
    Before you can be recognized as a chapter, you must set out operating rules in a Chapter Constitution and elect leadership according to those rules. Don’t worry- we have samples available for guidance!
  5. Submit a chartering packet and become official!
    To become an official chapter, you’ll have to submit some information for approval by the Alabama Young Democrats. Once the State Committee approves your charter, you’re in!